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30 March 2010

Realistic shadow

A little lesson for beginners: drawing of the almost realistic shadows. Pictures inside.


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23 March 2010

Let's mash our fingers with clay


Impressive sculpture modeling. When you look at this sculpture, seems like there is nothing complicated about it. Such a skill requires only a few years.

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20 March 2010

Links #2


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20 March 2010

What Do You Need For Inspiration?


When the project submission time is appraching or deadline is close, when you need a unique solution and there's calamity in your head, when changes are needed but only standard methods are available. How to encourage inspiration and make you think and invent?

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17 March 2010

People at the Blackboard

A series of useful lessons. Watch, listen, imbibe. Do same way, do better, don't repeat mistakes.


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13 March 2010

Futuristic Interface of Mark Coleran

London designer Mark Coleran does imaginative interfaces for nonexisting applications and not only for them. Generally all this potential is directed mainly for developing of invironments to work for movies. Asking the question of how this mythic technology may look like, he develops the way for its control.


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29 January 2010

Links #1

Good links.


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