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Light box and items

Untill there was no boxing, toiled with selection of light and choosing of environment, especially a back. Tried to make a cocoon by hands, but had no time to complete – got a professional one as a birthday present  I already prepared the skeleton, found material and started filing, but was not in time. It is a pity to throw it out – I leave all these stuffs for emergency. During invention of boxing, thought about the light (also made by hands). After birthday I didn’t want to do something slipshod, therefore bought projectors on 500 Watt each one. Took a pair.

Has smoothed a white background, put it in boxing, added projectors on each side, put camera on a support and my workplace was  ready. Certainly, it is necessary to work on many points for a long time, but first results of the photographing are here.








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